maandag 19 mei 2014

week 4 (12-13 May 2014)

In the fisrt period of this week Lars help me writiing the script for the statistical analysis of the data and we analyse if the figures were oke to use for futher statistical processes. This was done with the R project for statistical computing. This program made use of limma, bioDist, gplots and some other functions to make the outcomming plots for the statistical modeling.
In the first experiment I wanted to compare the effect of the treatment in malaria patient in comparison with the not treated patient with acute malaria. The groups were unpaired groups.
P-value histogram frequency, This is not what we wanted, since we want more change with a significantly and less change in the futher gene expression
Adapted fold change diagram
In the second experiment I wanted to test what the change in geneexpression in PBMC is in people that experimental got infected with malaria (presymtomatic effects) compared with the baseline group. The groups were paired.
P-value frequency histogram, this one look much more as what we want in an good experiment (in comparison with experiment 1).
Adapted fold change diagram

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